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Biggest loser wins!

Achieve smaller goals, before aiming for big dreams. If you have the determination, no obstacle is big enough
Humility Personified—Dada J P Vaswani

Dada J P Vaswani: Humility personified

Meeting Dada Vaswani was a spiritual experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life

Coronary artery bypass! For me?

Getting diagnosed with a critical illness can be a shocking as well as humbling experience. A first-person account of having undergone coronary artery bypass illustrates the point

Wasim Akram: Saga of Success

No one in Wasim Akram's family, neither from his father's nor mother's side, had been a diabetic. Not even a distant relative, for that matter. And, Akram was a prominent sportsman already conscious of his fitness and diet

Nothing is Impossible

My hope is that sharing my experience in bicycling and dealing with diabetes can help inspire all people with diabetes towards better care of their condition.

Madhukar Talwalkar: Meet a young man of 75!

Exercise is a stress-buster. It is physical meditation. It is prayer. Madhukar Talwalkar in conversation with MANOJ Khatri

Sandhya Limaye: I have always been a determined person

Where there's determination, there is always a way

A Lesson for Life

Destiny is your best teacher and guide