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Sheela Jaywant
Sheela Jaywant is a Mumbai-based freelance writer.

The Best Way of Sharing Household Chores

There is greater efficiency and happiness in a home where family members share household responsibilities equally

Love thy In-laws

Living happily ever after with your extended family is not as difficult as you may think

Servants in your life

Servants are a part of our family, and yet they are not

Learning from Kids

As we grow up into mature adults, we seem to forget the valuable lessons from our childhood. We can learn them anew by observing kids

Bed sores: Care for the bedridden

Taking care of a bedridden elderly needs a lot of patience and planning

Why Exercising for Elders Is the Key to Health

By exercising right, senior citizens can maintain and improve the quality of their life

Love, to live longer

Love, in all its manifestations, is unarguably the greatest emotion. Loving and being loved makes you happier, stronger, and live longer

Taking care after paralysis

Attending to an elderly person who has suffered a stroke can be eased with some general tips

Coronary artery bypass! For me?

Getting diagnosed with a critical illness can be a shocking as well as humbling experience. A first-person account of having undergone coronary artery bypass illustrates the point

Make Time for Self

If you think it is important and you plan for it, you will find time for yourself, in spite of a busy schedule.