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‘The body is a mere slave to the mind’ —Vishwanathan Jayaraman, barefoot runner

There are casual runners and there are serious runners... and then there is Vishwanathan Jayaraman, who breaks every stereotype of a runner. Here is an exclusive interview in which he tells us what keeps his feet moving day after day

Babu-sa’ab- A tale of love

A family doesn’t need to be made up by those who share the same blood

Carissa’s battle with the big ‘C’

Megan Zakrzewski talks about how her friend Carissa hasn’t let cancer stop her from accomplishing all she can

Book Review of “I can see clearly now” by Dr. Wayne Dyer

A book like "I can see clearly now" comes rarely into the reader’s life —a book in which you will see a reflection of your own life and how everything that has ever happened did for a reason.
Anita Moorjani at her home in Hong Kong

“The only thing you can do is make the shift within yourself” (Interview with Anita Moorjani)

Anita Moorjani could see the doctors working furiously on her near-lifeless body, even as her loved ones looked frightened. Find out more in this life-changing interview with her

“I believe with all my heart that I will heal completely”—Lisa Ray

She first gained fame when she appeared in a Bombay Dyeing commercial. Since then, Lisa Ray has made a career for herself in modelling and films, both commercial and independent

Blessings come disguised

Michael and Sheryl Bergdahl share how their son Paul turned what could have been his biggest handicap into his greatest strength

On the Journey with Brandon Bays

Manoj Khatri in conversation with Brandon Bays, author of the best-seller, The Journey that traces the path from suffering to ultimate peace


How a 93-year-old coped with coronary bypass

Tryst with the killer (Cancer)

Anuprita Ghaisas on how she overcame her worst nightmare—cancer