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Charu Bahri
Charu Bahri is a freelance writer and editor based in Mt Abu, Rajasthan. She writes mostly on health, education, marketing and business.

See things afresh

Open the eyes of your mind and notice how beautiful the world can really be

Learn to unlearn

Decondition your mind to unfold its power...

Instant mood boosters

Try these pick-me-ups to help lift your spirits in a jiffy. These work over your thoughts to directly influence your emotions and spare you from dwelling in negativity

Break free

Want to free yourself from the inevitable chain reaction of social conditioning? There is help ahead

Enlightenment: Create the moment

The blissful state of enlightenment is the outcome of a spiritual journey that begins when you are ready to seize the moment

Seeking satisfaction

If you seek contentment, should your starting point be a desire for all or nothing?

Forgiveness: A healthy choice

Forgiveness helps you clear your mind by releasing negative feelings and thoughts

World Environment Day special: Wellbeing is a walk in the park

If we spend time with her, Mother Nature rewards us by improving our mental health and physical wellbeing

How to harness the power of blessing

Blessings are powerful gestures that express the respect and value you have for someone. Learn how they can help you achieve wellbeing

Express your sexual needs: Take the lead

Learn to be a peppy, not a passive sexual partner to get the most out of your relationship and feel fulfilled