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Charu Bahri
Charu Bahri is a freelance writer and editor based in Mt Abu, Rajasthan. She writes mostly on health, education, marketing and business.

Power of the elements

The science of naturopathy uses the therapeutic powers of individual components of nature to magnify its healing effect

I love me…I love me not

Learn to love yourself; it not only makes you look good but also feel unique

Honesty can be hot!

Honesty has an amazing ability to infuse vibrant physical passion into a relationship

This too shall pass

Time gives us room to move on, do other things, fill our mind with new thoughts, and thus realise that we can still experience happiness

Intimacy is good for health

Intimacy can do wonders to your body, mind, and soul

Create the Mood

Re-designing your bedroom with the right lighting, colour and fabric could be an effective and creative option to arouse your basic instincts.

Exercise your Chi

Practice T'ai Chi and allow the energy to flow freely through you

Homosexuality: It’s just another kind of love

A topic that has always been controversial and interesting at the same time, we need to realise that "homosexuality" is just another kind of love

"Hope" can make things happen.

Not losing heart and being positive may be the last resort in an extremely adverse situation. But hope can make things happen

Energy of Life

All you need is resolute enthusiasm to make the most of life