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Charu Bahri is a freelance writer and editor based in Mt Abu, Rajasthan. She writes mostly on health, education, marketing and business.

Power of One

Oneness is not a romantic idea. It is a practical tool that you can use to enhance your inner strength

Friends indeed!

True friendship is a tree of slow growth, and friends are the most important part of our life

Talk Things Over

So, you've thought and thought, but have only reached the dead end? It's time you talked!

Practical detachment

Fringe benefits are gains that accrue from remaining somewhat detached in our lives, and not by living on the edge

F[l]atten ’em down!

The next time you spot your "Sumo" kid reaching out for a packet of crisps, swap it for an apple. Yes, it ain't as easy as it sounds!

Reversing Heart Disease

Lifestyle changes, along with appropriate diet, exercise, yoga, and meditation, are what it takes to turn around heart disease

Chanting mantras promotes wellbeing

Mantras tap our heart and soul; they also fuel our spiritual awakening

Live in Harmony

Harmony is yours for the taking - provided you are willing to play the right notes in your life

Trust your Intuition

Intuition is a power, or subtle energy, that we are all endowed with. It's entirely up to us to use it, or lose it

Religion vs Spirituality: An Old Debate Revisited

While the practice of religion is mostly collective, spirituality is an intensely personal quest