Create the Mood

Re-designing your bedroom with the right lighting, colour and fabric could be an effective and creative option to arouse your basic instincts.

blankFor once, don’t crib about the lack of action in your master bedroom. Take things into your hands — redesign its look to rouse your basic instincts, even after a weary day at work.

The human basic instinct is an interesting phenomenon. Relating as it does to all things physical, it may be either excited or dull, depending not only on the person you have in sight or mind, but also on your surroundings.

Find this hard to believe? Just take a reality check from the men who [we believe] know best how to woo a woman. Don’t they go all out to please a woman’s senses by creating the right scenario – candles ensure ambient lighting, gentle non-intrusive background music relaxes the mind, fine wines tickle the sensual organs, exotic dishes suggest adventure and so on? Their moves are not so much about making a statement of their love [or lust] by spending a lot of moolah, but also to further their cause. Let the environment spell the mood.

Colour codes

  • Red is synonymous with desire and passion, and also with aggression and anger. A vividly red-hued room is likely to wear out the senses quite rapidly. So use red sparingly, by tossing a few heart-shaped [so red] pillows here and there, to evoke just the right amount of excitement.
  • Blues and greens are calming colours so they create a sense of comfort and relaxation, which could bode well for intimacy. Green is also traditionally associated with fertility and marriage so it may inspire some passion.
  • White and grey are for the plain Janes, a strict no-no as lead colours when planning a colour scheme but alright as trace inclusions.
  • Yellow in small doses can delight, but in large doses can irritate eyes and cause nervousness.
  • Pink of all shades generally induces happiness and calm, but as it is also associated with femininity, paint a room all pink and watch your man run for it! Include only in a limited measure.

Spice up your bedroom

If this has you reminiscing about your good old courtship days, don’t adopt an all-is-lost attitude. You could take a leaf out of this approach too, and inspire intimacy in your bedroom by appropriately redesigning it.

What’s that you’re thinking? “What design could possibly turn him [or her] on after the daily grind?” Or perhaps, “we can’t afford to re-do our bedroom”? Well, you’d be surprised as playing [pun intended] with little things in your bedroom can have a huge effect on your mood to unwind [nay, make love].

Take a look at what you’ve got.

Lighting — It’s all a question of what colour and intensity turns you on. Usually, diffused light is used to induce a sense of relaxation but this too, may emanate from a ceiling-mounted dropdown shade, or if you’re somewhat old-fashioned, you could opt for a lamp that fits in with a retro decor or else strategically [and safely]-placed decorative candles. Then again, near-floor-level lights of whatever colour you choose are a good option if you’d like to maintain your current lighting for regular use and add a dual “only for your eyes” special effect.

For some, white or yellow light is passe, they prefer blue or red. Coloured bulbs don’t cost the earth, and when coupled with the overall interior design of the room, could go a long way in creating a suggestive environment.

Colour — Back to colour. Besides lighting colour, you have the choice of choosing the colour on the walls and the bed. While you may have a personal favourite, do consider your better half’s favourite shades and also the conventionally-accepted effect of colours on mood. For instance, pale or muted colours lend a washed-out, dull look. Refer a colour code guide [see box] for more details.

Further, alongside a fresh coat of paint, you may seek to add a splash of colour to your walls in the form of inspiring [I mean, in a certain way!] artwork. Don’t think tacky, think erotic, and choose an appropriate canvas. Some couples like aesthetic paintings of nude figures on their bedroom walls, but this may be too obvious a choice. Fact is — your selection will reflect your nature — “in your face” or subtle — and should also be respectable in the sense that you don’t mind the rest of your family getting a glimpse of it.

Your bed is yet another canvas that you can paint yourself. Now’s the time to invest in that floral print that makes you feel “oh, so lovely” or the abstract tribal print that induces a sense of craziness.

Fabric – Speaking of linen, it plays a dual role in influencing the mood. It’s not only the colour of your sheets and covers, but as the fabric actually touches you, it directly influences how you “feel”. Think of it — silk and satin feel cool, smooth and luxuriant, very different to coarse cotton, for which reason the former is equated with sensuousness. Fabric also plays a part in your room decor in the form of curtains. If you’re the kind of couple who enjoy being lovingly woken up by the first ray of sunlight, opt for sheer curtains. Of course, if a layer of sheer does not offer you sufficient privacy, you can opt for a heavier fabric for curtains or from a wide array of blinds.

Multimedia – Okay, if this has you screaming “not in the bedroom”, evidently, you’re the oppressed wife or husband of a partner who already indulges in a lot of computer or television time. But as it’s not only what you see that influences your mood, but also what you hear, a facility that plays background music to soothe your frazzled senses is an immensely useful addition to your bedroom.

Then again, while we agree that neither sleeping nor sex requires a television, some couples actually look forward to cuddling in front of the TV while watching a romantic flick. If this niche group includes you, then by all means, allow a plasma screen to adorn your bedroom wall.

Incense – Scented candles are a great way to add romance to your bedroom, as they infuse just the right light and aroma, in the case of their scented versions. Alternatively, you could go in for subtle incense to lull your sense organs into submission. Yet another [naughty] means to add a whiff of fragrance to a bedroom is to keep a bottle of essential oil handy to massage each other.

Whatever be your choice, do remember the accent is on spicing up the look and feel of your bedroom and thereby, your intimate life. As the essence of spice is variety, play with all the available options to create a hideout where both of you can easily switch off from the stresses of your daily routine. At the same time, as the idea is to heighten your mood, select options that make you feel both relaxed and sexy, not merely the former which would mean you both nod off as soon as you hit the sack!


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