5 ways to re-establish physical intimacy with your partner

If you implement the ideas in this article, you will successfully rekindle the flame of a romantic relationship, and you'll begin noticing significant improvements in your intimate life


They say intimacy is the key to a healthy relationship—one full of happy days and nights. And for this reason, you should always aim to maintain a wholesome intimate life with your significant other. However, as all relationships are, the flame of love might dwindle from time to time. So, you’d be wise to find ways to rekindle the spark and restore the passion in your love bond.

And if you’re looking for such tips, you’ve reached the right place. This article explains five effective ways to re-establish physical intimacy with your partner. Read on for details.

5 ways to re-establish physical intimacy with your partner

1. Strengthen your sex life

It’s during intercourse that couples are most intimate with each other. So, the first way to revive the physical connection with your partner would be to build a healthy sex life.

Many couples often break up because of failure to satisfy each other in bed. And this could be brought about by various causes. Perhaps they’re no longer attracted to each other, or they have a physiological condition that numbs them in bed. If they don’t address such issues, they could intensify over time and eventually lead the couple to break up. And if you’re in such a situation, there are numerous ways to spice up your sex life and re-establish physical intimacy with your partner. Some of them include the following:

Improve your performance in bed

When you know the right moves to make while having intercourse with your partner, you’ll be giving them a solid reason to cherish you always. For instance, as a man, you have to be good in bed to make your lady stick around. You may start by looking up techniques from handbooks available online to enhance your bedroom skills.

Be random

If you have a routine for having intercourse, you might lose interest in it after a while. The reason is that, with time, patterns get boring, and you’d be having intercourse as routine dictates. Consequently, the activity might be void of excitement and the desired pleasure. For that reason, you’d be wise to make your intercourse episodes random.

Be creative

Explore new methods of being intimate with your partner. Try new kinky positions, styles, or tools. However, always remember to keep it safe. Luckily, you can find numerous guidebooks such as Mr. Manpower’s Guide to Overall Manhood Enhancement published by professional sexologists online or in bookstores—which explains how to safely engage your creative senses to liven up your sex life.

And there are many more ways to improve your intercourse life, such as making sex a priority in your relationship. Once you implement these tips correctly, certainly, you’ll be safeguarding your intimate life with your partner and saving your relationship in the long run.

2. Spend time together

Spending time with your partner at different times other than during intercourse plays a significant role in strengthening your physical intimacy. During such times, couples have their most profound conversations. You get to learn and understand each other on a deeper level. Thus, you grow closer to each other. You can talk about your intimate desires and explain your likes, dislikes, abilities, or inabilities to each other. And through this, you’ll make them understand you better.

Apart from sharing deep conversations, some time alone with your partner would be your perfect chance to spice up your romantic life by cuddling, kissing, or taking a late-night stroll—just the two of you.

However, as much as spending time with your significant other revamps your intimacy, know when to give yourselves breaks. Because if you spend too much time together, it would only be a matter of time before you feel overwhelmed. And this could put a strain on your relationship. Give one another a reasonable amount of space and time, such as a day or two. So that when you’re finally together, you’ll enjoy every moment in each other’s company.

3. Be romantic

Having romance between you and your partner is crucial in sustaining a healthy relationship. With every slight romantic gesture you make, you strengthen your love bond. And romance isn’t only about being intimate with your significant other. There are more subtle ways to express affection to your partner, such as by:

Being understanding

This is one of the most romantic aspects that are ideal to possess. For instance, sometimes, all your partner might need is space or time. And giving them what they need shows that you understand them and care for their feelings. After being apart for a while, they’ll surely miss you and rush back to your arms.

Cherishing the little things

The simplest gestures often matter the most. So, take advantage of this to re-establish that physical connection with your partner. Steal them a peck or two from time to time, give them a massage after a long day, write them love letters, or take them out to their favorite restaurant. And the list of what to do to express your love for them goes on.

The good thing about romance is that it doesn’t have a textbook definition. All couples are different, and you’d know best how to strike the right chord to make your partner feel special resulting in a boost in your physical intimacy.

4. Exercise

You could be excused for saying that working out is a universal remedy for almost every condition. By exercising, not only can you boost your physical and emotional wellbeing, but it can also improve your bedroom capabilities, as science has proven.

For instance, some yoga poses are relaxing and connected to your sensuality. Consequently, if you try them out with your partner, you’d be building a solid bond with them physically and emotionally. And at such times, the statement, ‘we’re connected in mind, body, and spirit,’ would make perfect sense.

You can also take on a pastime, such as cycling, running, tennis, or other sports, and team up with your partner. You’ll build cooperation through this and eventually make positive progress on your physical intimacy.

5. Visit a counselor

Sometimes, it could be challenging to re-establish the physical connection, much as you may try. On such occasions, don’t let your relationship sink. Try rescuing it further by seeking professional counseling services from a therapist.

You could schedule an appointment with a marriage counselor who’ll analyze your situation and give you professional tips to revive physical intimacy with your partner. And after successful sessions with them, you and your significant other can enjoy each other’s company fully.


There are many ways to re-establish physical intimacy with your partner, and this article mentions five of the most fundamental ways. You should aspire to improve your sex life, spend time with your partner, work out, be romantic with each other, or visit a counselor if needed. If you implement these tips, you’re sure to rekindle the flame of a romantic relationship, and you’ll begin noticing significant improvements in your intimate life.

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