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My long and painful breakup…with my fat

Comedian Sahil Shah talks about how he broke up from this long-term relationship and why it was his best decision ever

What should a married man do?

Comedian Atul Khatri dispenses some tips to the man whose wife doesn’t approve of his friends

Truth be told

Comedienne Margaret Andrews shares why lying does more harm than good

The great Indian advertising clichés

In a lighter vein, comedian Sapan Verma reflects on clichéd ideas in advertising that refuse to change

A little less conversation

Sahil Shah on why he is taking a break from mobile chat applications

The wrong side of the law

Sahil Shah tells you how some of the most bizarre laws in the world could make attending court proceedings as hilarious as watching a comic flick

How I rejected my inheritance

One man’s hilarious account of his travails through weight loss

Crazy about coffee

Meghna Chatterjee explains the effect of coffee on our hearts and minds

How I discovered I am not that open-minded

Dwayna M Covey went in for a massage and learned a lesson she’ll never forget!

The day I did the ant dance

That day the parcel in my mailbox had me dancing all over in my car
Manoj Khatri — Editor of Complete Wellbeing
Manoj Khatri, Editor

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