woman eating salad on her work desk

The correct and incorrect way to eat at work

Most people eat the wrong way and for the wrong reasons, especially at work, says Karen Koenig
Executive reading magazine with tea cup and smartphone on table

Why you should take a break from Facebook

Social media is anything but social, says Johhny Virgil as he offers compelling reasons to stay away from your favourite social media site
Girl admiring Bhimtal hills using binoculars

Vacation time: Doing nothing in Bhimtal

Sometimes all it takes to get away and experience true relaxation is to delve right into nature, away from edifices of the noisy, polluted and materialistic cities
couple lying on bed facing opposite directions

The key ingredient that will make your marriage last

Friendship is a key factor in a happy and long-lasting marriage. But what exactly is meant by friendship in marriage? A marriage counsellor and coach answers
Figurine with excited and depressed shadow

Bipolar disorder: Swinging sickness

Bipolar disorder can take a person on an emotional rollercoaster leaving them feeling miserable in its wake. But a positive outlook might be all that is needed to put the brakes
woman self learning yoga from instruction DVD

Be your own yoga teacher

If you follow the guidelines and avoid the pitfalls, there is no reason why you can’t teach yourself yoga
Man critcising himself

Stop attacking yourself with self-criticism

There is no need to tear yourselves apart in an effort to be your best
kids shoes

Why you absolutely must raise your child sans gender bias

Raising your kids in an atmosphere free of any gender-bias will help them grow to their best potential
Hypnotherapy: Change the wiring

Try hypnotherapy for success and happiness

From addictions to phobias, hypnotherapy can help you address many deep-rooted emotional patterns

10 amazing reasons to eat oranges this season

Orange, we know, is loaded with vitamin C. But it also contains other essential nutrients like vitamin B, potassium, zinc, manganese, natural sugar and pectin. Let’s look at how this juicy fruit can help us


Sathya Saran