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Clean workouts

If people are shying away from working out with you lately, chances are you are not following cleanliness measures. Here's what you need to do

How spick is your salon?

A visit to the parlour should leave you feeling pampered and clean. Things to look for in your beauty studio so you enjoy your experience and not worry about contaminations

Bugs in the beetle

Everybody loves driving around in their car. But few know how imperative it is to keep it clean. Do you?

What rubbish!

With careful waste management, you can make your home and surroundings healthy and clean

Dust those mites away

Here are a few simple steps to combat common household allergens

Water cleans best

Water plays a significant role in maintaining personal and home hygiene

Stay away from infections

Maintaining a high standard of personal hygiene is the most effective way to avoid infections

Spic n Span

Cleaning up a house, however small or big, is a difficult task. Systematic planning and effective execution will make things easy

Be Product-Wise

Choosing the right hygiene products for yourself and your home is a confusing task. Here are some factors to bear in mind while shopping for these products

Ways to smell good

Body odour and bad breath have the power to take away the positive impression you might otherwise create
Manoj Khatri — Editor of Complete Wellbeing
Manoj Khatri, Editor

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