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Uma Girish is a grief guide, a certified life purpose coach and author. Her latest book is a transformational memoir Losing Amma, Finding Home: A Memoir About Love, Loss And Life’s Detours published by Hay House. She is the co-founder of the International Grief Council.

Losing my mom and the journey to find myself

How a visit to a library and her encounter with books set the author on the path of inner transformation

The wise old art of story telling

Stories have a wealth of wisdom in them, especially if they are narrated by our elders. What's more, storytelling helps seniors know that their life matters

3 important lessons that loss teaches us

A grief coach shares the three vital lessons we gain when we lose someone or something dear to us

Ways to smell good

Body odour and bad breath have the power to take away the positive impression you might otherwise create

Healthy nails, happy you

Some simple, yet effective, tips can help you keep your nails healthy and attractive

A Body of Art

Art and jewellery on different parts of the body are quite a fashion statement in today's world

Deal with wrinkles to look and feel younger

Take care of your skin and conceal your age effectively

The chocolate turn-on

Can the melt-in-the-mouth chocolate bar get you all hot and make you feel sexy and desirable?

Mane Magic: hair care tips

Follow these simple hair care tips and watch your hair bounce with sheer joy

Flower Remedies

The curative power of Bach flower essences lies not only in curing physical symptoms, but also in tackling emotional states of our mind


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