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various steps of makeup application

Avoid these 10 common makeup blunders

Makeup and beauty blogger Shreya shares the top mistakes that even expert makeup users make and tells you how to avoid them

Office make-up: Some basics for women

The decision to wear make-up or not is a personal one for all women, and many choose not to wear it for a variety of reasons. However, carefully selected and applied make-up can greatly enhance a woman’s professional image, says Rachael Pontillo
Woman dress well walking in a style with black purse

10 steps to creating your signature style

Follow these 10 steps to rediscover your unique style

Dress for success

People judge you by your looks. Exude energy, reliability and confidence with what you wear to work
Woman wearing a formal suit / trouser

Trouser trends

How to choose the trousers to wear this season

Sports shoes: Off and running

Sports shoes have sprinted a long way from their no-frills beginning. Today, they are both a functional item and a cool fashion accessory

Workout wear: Go for the fun, funky, functional

Ditch the shape-less track pants and loose t-shirts for the new-age workout wear that makes you look hip even as you sweat it out
Woman selecting clothes

Choose clothes as per your complexion

Unlike the colour of your skin, the colour of your clothes is yours to choose. Select hues that enhance your complexion... and count the compliments

Attire basics

Wearing good clothes is one thing, looking good in them is another. For that, you need to get the basics of choosing clothes right

Suit case: your suit selection manual

If you want to convey style, power and class, a suit is what you should wear. Here's how to select one that brings out the best in you