Trouser trends

How to choose the trousers to wear this season

The basic four

woman wearing trousersAccording to Mumbai-based designer, Prakruti Nanavati, it is better to pick pants that highlight and enhance your look than to blindly follow the latest trends.

She suggests the four basic aspects to consider when buying pants: comfort, right fork length, material and colour [preferably in that order].

“Most people are impulsive shoppers, but when it comes to pants, one should refrain from this kind of shopping,” warns Nanavati. She recommends doing some research and hunting before picking up the right pair.

Body type

Here is a guide on choosing trousers based on your body type:

The petite shape

These people are shorter and have smaller frames. So, they need to wear clothes that are well-fitted. Some tips:

  • Opt for straight-legged, neat-cut pants
  • Go in for the fitted skinny pants look; it really complements your body shape
  • Choose lighter colours like white, beige, creams, pastels.

An hourglass shape

These people have a curvy figure and a proportionate body with slim hips. Here’s what is good for them:

  • Flatter your body type with fitted jeans or wide-legged pants
  • Avoid wearing pants that taper from below. Cut pants [churidar] are also an absolute no-no for you.
  • Opt for looser open-styled pants.

An apple shape

These people are heavier on the upper torso—women have a bigger bust line and larger waists. But, they have slim legs. A few tips for them:

  • Prefer pants in a single colour tone
  • Wear knee-length pants to look slimmer
  • Choose medium-rise pants with a flat front
  • Opt for pants that taper below and cut pants [churidars].

A pear shape

These people have a round figure with more weight on the hips. They have narrow shoulders, but heavier thighs. Here’s what they must do:

  • Opt for dark-coloured pants
  • Go for boot-cut pants
  • Try flared, baggy pants in cotton or khaki
  • Avoid wearing bulky jeans as they make you look plumper
  • Prefer draw-string pants.

A rectangle shape

These people have a slender built and don’t really need to worry about what they wear.

Some tips for them:

  • Choose from a variety of colours available in the market. All colours will look great on you.
  • Try and sport the athletic look like tight track pants.

Seasonal trends

There are pants for every mood and occasion and you can team them in so many ways to create new looks every time you step out. “With fisherman pants, dhoti-style pants and jodhpuri pants, you can literally be spoilt for choice this season,” says Mumbai-based fashion designer Sabbah Sharma. She tells you what’s hot this season:

Wear palazzos [women’s pants that have wide legs flaring at the ankle] and fisherman pants [lightweight unisex trousers that are wide in the waist; one size fits all] when indoors or in a casual mood. Palazzos, fisherman pants and dhotis look good on almost all body types

Make a style statement with jodhpuris teamed with ganjis or fitted shirts tucked in. Jodhpuri pants make you look super-chic.

Create the boho-look effortlessly with dhoti pants.

Opt for straight-cut and slim-fit trousers for a formal occasion. A good choice of colour in single tone can make them look interesting. They are better when tailored for the perfect fit.

Some more expert tips

Varsha Bhawnani, a wardrobe stylist from Mumbai, gives her advice on buying pants this season:

Denim leggings are the way to go this season. With the killer skinny fit and wide choice of colours to choose from, these can be apt for all occasions and body shapes.

The boyfriend jeans/fit looks good when teamed with a fitted tee-back t-shirt and a great belt.

A formal look with high-waist pants that highlight the thin upper waist adds glamour to your outfit.

This summer, linen is the fabric of choice. It looks particularly good with bright-coloured blouses or shirts.

Straight-fit pants that give a modern and retro look are in style this season.

It’s all about looking glam this season. Style gurus from across the world believe that you should wear pants as per personal style and body structure. We just made it easy for you, by telling you all what’s chic and stylish this season.

Jodhpurs for men

A far call from its former glory days as purely perfunctory riding breeches meant for royalty, jodhpurs have reinvented themselves and worked their way back into the modern man’s wardrobe. Jodhpuris are the perfect blend of tradition and contemporary styles.

A modern pair with edgy construction and non-conventional materials can instantly transform your look into wonderfully eclectic and at par with the well-travelled global man.

With the return of the high waist silhouette on International and Indian runways alike, thanks to its unique silhouette and easy wearability, the Jodhpuri breeches have stormed their way into the shelves of high-end retailers and designer stores, boutiques et al. Jodhpurs are here to stay.

Roma Kapadia
Roma Kapadia has an English Honours Degree and is an avid reader. Her interests include travelling, styling, photography, and cooking. Her motto is to share her experiences, thoughts, beliefs and knowledge through writing, which she finds exciting and therapeutic. She lives in Mumbai.


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