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Sheila Dicks
Sheila Dicks is an image and wardrobe consultant. Her motto help people reach their full potential and perk up their self-confidence with improved dress sense. She lives in Nova Scotia, Canada.

How Sleep Affects Skin

Adequate sleep improves our efficiency, helps maintain good health, and adds radiance to our skin

Dress for success

People judge you by your looks. Exude energy, reliability and confidence with what you wear to work

How to choose the right shoes

A wrong shoe with the right dress can make you look from chic to a chicken in a blink. Don't get cold feet, help is on its way

How to reorganise your wardrobe

A wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear! If this sounds familiar, both your closet and your style sense need a shakedown

Camouflage dressing

You can appear up to 5kg thinner or heavier without breaking a sweat. All you have to do is change the way you dress

5 Dos for a glowing skin

Radiant skin is not just about choosing the right skin-care products - it is about a lifestyle that gets your skin to glow from within

Take control of your life

Align your life with your innate values and learn more about yourself from life's challenges. Here are two recommendations to seize control of life.

Great Looking Lips

Attractive lips are smooth, well-defined and coloured in a shade that gels well with your skin tone

Dressing Smart: Styles that work for you

Knowing how to dress appropriately at the workplace is a key element in establishing your creditability and career advancement

SUMMER DRESSING: Stay Cool Look Great

Summer is a big challenge for style and beauty care. But, there's a way to beat the heat, look and also feel great