Skin care

Woman applying cream on her face / skin care concept

Cold play: A guide to skin care during winters

Chilly winds and low humidity ravage your skin, making it look and feel dull and lifeless; a renowned skin specialist tells you how to protect it from winter’s icy effects
Essential oil from leaf drop falling in bottle

The right way to use essential oils to boost your health and beauty

A green living educator swears by the goodness and benefits of essential oils for a healthy, glowing skin
Hands and feet, manicure pedicure

Want youthful hands and feet? Follow these 8 tips

A skin specialist offers tips to care for your hands and feet
Woman applying face pack, tan

6 DIY face packs to lighten your skin tan

Six face packs with the goodness of natural ingredients to remove the most stubborn tan and nourish your skin
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Even the best skincare creams won’t help your complexion if you don’t get this one thing right

Find out the secret that will keep your skin looking young and radiant
close up of woman's face and skin issues

10 widely held misconceptions about skincare

From acne to skincare regimes and beauty products to diet, get your facts right about caring for your skin
Woman wearing sunglasses and head scarf, pollution

How to pollution-proof your skin and hair

You don’t have to move to the country side to protect your skin and hair from the perils of pollution. Just follow this simple tips to the T.

Go, get oil-free sheen

Bothered by oily skin? Follow this effortless regime suggested by Kiran Lohia and get yourself a flawless skin all year round

The awesome argan oil

Until recently, the super benefits of the argan oil were available only to the Berber women of Morocco

Simple tips to protect your skin from dryness this winter

Easy-breezy ways to battle dry skin this winter


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