10 steps to creating your signature style

Follow these 10 steps to rediscover your unique style

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The desire to look good does not fluctuate with the economy. Through good times and bad, it is human nature to want to feel good about how you look. Resources might change, but desire does not. In fact, it might even get stronger when times are tough!

Before you add another item to your wardrobe, let’s talk about creating a signature style.This is a look that people associate with you because it is consistent and memorable. A signature style expresses your personality, makes you smile every time you get dressed, and gives the world a clue from the outside as to who you are on the inside. And you want to be sure you are giving them the right message! Understanding your style will make you a savvier shopper and a smarter dresser.

Remember that creating your personal style is an ongoing journey, not a final destination. Your body will change, and fashion will change, but if you take one step at a time and celebrate each change that makes you feel good, you will get there.

These 10 steps will allow you to move in the right direction. Take notes as you do these. These insights will be invaluable when you shop.

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A version of this was first published in the January 2014 issue of Complete Wellbeing.

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