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A woman sitting in lotus pose, preparing for chanting mantras

Why Chanting Mantras Is a Wonderful Habit

When you chant mantras in daily life, you get connected with the Divine
Colour pencils as a concept for everyone is unique

Everyone Is Unique

Comparisons are odious because everyone is everyone is unique in their own way

Humming and Beckoning Foods

Our body simply desires that which it needs; it never desires anything else
Beads for chanting mantras

Chanting mantras promotes wellbeing

Mantras tap our heart and soul; they also fuel our spiritual awakening

Focused Meditation

The practice of meditation sometimes leads to a drowsy feeling or distraction. All you need to do is focus gently on the practice and get on with it

Shape your Thoughts

What leads us to a state of perpetual conversation within?

Eye in Your Mind

The more we delve into a deeper understanding of ourselves, the better we will be for it
Hysterical woman pulling her hair in anger

Osho on How to Deal With Your Anger

Anger transformed becomes compassion, because the energy is the same, says Osho
woman with prayer beads mala, mantra

Osho on Mantra Japa (Chanting)

A mantra concentrates the mind, bringing all the diffused rays of the mind together