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Woman doing morning meditation

Morning Chants

Chant these prayers in the morning to start your day on a serene and invigorating note
Christian chants

Christian chants

Let's learn the practice and evolution of chants in Christianity

Love Beyond Lust

Developing consciousness in life and love is important as unconscious love is only lust

Aging + Awareness = Maturity

Age alone does not give you maturity. It is aging and experiencing events with awareness that leads to maturity

ABC of Life

ABC of life brings expansion and a sense of belonging to creation, not to speak of commitment to human values
hourglass with a miniature buddha embedded

Meditation techniques for the busy

Here are some simple practical techniques to get meditation into your schedule rather than schedule for it separately.
Woman Chanting

Understanding Islamic Chants

Here are a few simple Islamic chants that help connect to the Divine
Aloneness concept : silhouette of a woman sitting on a swing hanging by a tree

Aloneness: The first lesson of Love

A person who loves being alone is capable of love; a person who feels loneliness is incapable of love

Befriend your Dreams

Dreams have a message for you. They relate to creating a bridge with your conscious mind
Man thinking how to take path to success

The Path to Success

When you think too much of success, you will be thinking of failure too