Everyone Is Unique

Comparisons are odious because everyone is everyone is unique in their own way

Colour pencils as a concept for everyone is unique

We are always comparing; from our very childhood we are taught comparison. Somebody else’s child is more cute, more beautiful, more intelligent; somebody else’s child is more obedient, and you are not. All educational systems depend on comparison: somebody comes first, and somebody is the last in the class; somebody passes, somebody fails. Teachers appreciate students who are obedient; they hate students, they punish students who are not obedient in every way.

The whole structure of society is continuously comparing, and the very idea of comparison is absolutely false.

Each individual is unique because there is nobody else like him. Comparison would have been right if all individuals were alike; they are not. Even twins are not absolutely alike; it is impossible to find another man who is exactly like you. So, we are comparing unique people — which creates the whole trouble.

No First, No Second

In my vision, in schools, there should be no examinations, so nobody comes first and nobody comes second, nobody passes and nobody fails. In schools, there should be merits given every day by every teacher in different subjects to each student. And, based on all those merits it should be decided when a child is ready to move into another class. Some child may be ready within two months; there is no need for him to wait one year. Some child may move after eight months, some child may move after twelve months, some child may take fifteen months. But, nobody is higher than the other; everybody is moving according to his pace, according to his interest.

Everybody has some uniqueness. Education should be organised in such a way that that uniqueness comes over, and becomes an actuality.

Everyone is Unique

A plumber should be as respected as a great physicist. The plumber should be as respected and dignified as the professor. These are professions. You should not value the individual by profession; the individual is invaluable. Hierarchy would drop from society if no profession were bigger and greater and higher than other professions; thereafter, comparison would start disappearing.

In schools comparison should start disappearing. There is no need for every child to read geography, or history, unless he loves it. The choice of subjects should be his love. Every school, every university, every college should devote at least two months in the beginning of the year for students to move into all other subjects, to listen to teachers of different subjects, and find out for themselves what is their love, what triggers their heart and their intelligence.

Right now the situation is such that a person who could have been a good butcher has become a surgeon. Now, there is going to be a difficulty. He should be a butcher, but the butcher should not be in any way lower than the surgeon. Society should be made of unique people, bringing out their talents as fully as possible. Education should help it, parents should help it, everybody around should help every child to bring out his talents. But, right now, that is not the situation; everybody is being ordered.

I have never felt at any point in my life that existence disappoints you if you are honest, sincere. It always helps you; it is immensely compassionate.

This whole system of hierarchy can be dissolved, and only then will inferiority complex dissolve. That is only a symptom.

Even Napoleon Felt Inferior

Everybody feels inferior — I say everybody, without exception — in some way or other. Somebody is more beautiful than you, somebody is healthier than you, somebody is more educated than you, somebody is in a higher post than you, and somebody has a more beautiful wife than you. Life is such a complex thing, and there are so many things in life that if you start comparing, nobody would be happy.

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You would think that a man like Napoleon Bonaparte should not feel inferior: he’s one of the biggest heroes of our mad, so-called history. But, he felt very inferior because he was not very tall; he was only five-feet-five-inches. And, that was such a wound—that his soldiers were taller, his bodyguards were taller.

But, I don’t see any problem: whether you are six-feet, seven-feet, five-feet, anyway your feet reach the earth—that’s the whole purpose. It is not that when you are five-feet you are hanging two feet above and everybody laughs at you. The whole thing is that your feet reach the earth, you can walk.

Politicians and Inferiority Complex

Everybody feels inferior in some way or other, and the reason is that we don’t accept that everyone is unique in their own way. There is no question of inferiority or superiority. Everybody is just one of his kind; so comparison does not arise.

Politicians are the worst sufferers from inferiority complex. They want to prove to the world that they are great, they have power over millions—they are presidents, prime ministers. But, if you look at their lives, that inferiority complex has not left them; it is still there.

For centuries we have been creating the disease; we have not allowed people to accept themselves as they are. The moment you accept yourself as you are, without any comparison, all inferiority, all superiority disappears.

Don’t ask for anything. Whatever you have, existence is wiser than you think. It has given you everything that you need. Just explore your own treasures and bring them to their fulfillment. Bring every potentiality to actuality.

Once this disease of comparison and inferiority complex disappears, politics will disappear automatically. Politics is the outcome of inferiority complex. People want power to prove to themselves and to others that they are not just nobodies.

I teach you just to be yourself, and that’s enough. You are accepted by the sun, you are accepted by the moon, you are accepted by the trees; you are accepted by the ocean, you are accepted by the earth… What more do you want?

You are accepted by this Universe. Rejoice in it!

Excerpted with permission from Socrates Poisoned Again After 25 Centuries by Osho. Courtesy: Osho International Foundation

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  1. Let me break this down for you the reality is that NO one is different and NO one is unique, the only thing that we have in our society that’s different is cultural diversity physically, not mentally and not emotionally, so what If people think the same mentally and emotionally, no one cares, that does NOT make life boring, articles like these are so fake as fuck, who brainwashed this person into making this article

  2. Why would you say that? You may be upset about this, but it’s right. Even you have to agree, perhaps subconsciously, that everything s/he says is factual. Supporting victory gives excuses to brag, an annoyance I live under constantly. Saying to someone that they did a “fantastic job” would just buff their ego and shrink other’s. It’s important to have some self-esteem, but its like candy. Some is nice, too much is disastrous. You don’t even know the guy who wrote this! What gives you the right to call him a degenerate or call them salty and a failure? Oh, that’s right, YOU DON’T! Now stop being an obnoxious little trollish douchebag, and get sunlight for the first time in eight years.
    P.S. I fully realise that I am at your level, picking on people, but I am okay with that. I am defending a person i’ve never met before, and you’re insulting someone you’ve never met before. Goodbye.

  3. okay first of all you degenerate, schools should enforce losing and winning more not less because that makes us want to strive for greatness whereas not being told “hay you did a fantastic job, oi everyone look at this winner isn’t he great” you wouldn’t want to win at all because there’s no reward. you are just salty that you cant achieve anything thus you try and change everything else to suit your life, honestly just grow up and accept that you’re just bad

  4. Very very nice speech I am really very happy to read this article. Our country need you types of people to be first .. I am proud of you.

  5. Very very good article.. It can bring joy and happiness the moment you read it..keep it up..I hope one day everyone in this world understands the meaning of uniqueness and originality


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