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Everyone is unique

Comparisons are odious. Because, everyone is different

Humming and Beckoning Foods

Our body simply desires that which it needs; it never desires anything else
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The Karma Yogi in Us

Hard-working professionals who apply their talents and skills in service of evolution exemplify karma yoga

Focused Meditation

The practice of meditation sometimes leads to a drowsy feeling or distraction. All you need to do is focus gently on the practice and get on with it

Shape your Thoughts

What leads us to a state of perpetual conversation within?

Calm your ire

Anger transformed becomes compassion - because, the energy is the same

Om-ni Science

Om, or Aum, is not only the basic sound of the Universe, it is also a prayer by itself

Meditation: feel the quiet from within

We often talk of there being doorways and crossroads in our lives. Well, learning meditation has to be your Golden Doorway

Mantra is no Power Trip

A mantra concentrates the mind, bringing all the diffused rays of the mind together

Live a Lighter Life

No matter where we are on our spiritual path we can all live better with more light


Samir Nazareth
Adithya Shetty
Margaret Liederbach