Osho Reflects on His True Nature

"Form, taste, smell, touch, sound – apart from these what else is there in me?" reflects Osho as he explores his true nature

man in contemplation of his true nature
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I am sitting in a hut. Through the holes in the thatched roof sunlight is falling in circular patches on the floor. Dust particles are visible floating in the beam of the light. They are not part of the light, but they have made the light impure. They cannot even touch the light because they are in every way different and foreign, but because of them the light is seen as impure. The light is still the light, there is no change in its self-nature, but its body – its appearance – has become impure. Because of these foreign bodies the host itself has a different appearance.

A similar thing has happened with the soul of man. There also many particles of dust have become guests, and man’s true nature is covered by them. It is as though in the crowd of guests the host is lost beyond recognition—something similar has happened.

Who Is the Host?

But for those who want to know the meaning of life and encounter truth, it is necessary to recognize in the crowd of guests the one who is not a guest, but the host. Without knowing this host, life is just somnambulism. Wakefulness begins with the recognition of the host. That recognition is self-realization. Through that recognition the acquaintance with that which is eternal, pure, buddha nature happens.

The light does not become impure because of the dust particles – nor does the soul. The light becomes dull, the soul becomes forgotten.

What kind of dust particles are there on the light of the soul? All that has come into me from the outside is that dust. What is in me other than that is my buddha nature. All that has been attained and accumulated by the sense-organs is dust.

My True Nature

What is there in me which has not been attained by the sense-organs? Form, taste, smell, touch, sound—apart from these what else is there in me? That which has not been attained by the sense-organs is truth, consciousness. It has not come from the sense-organs, rather it is behind them.

This consciousness alone is my true nature. Everything else is alien, dust. This alone is the host—all the rest are guests. This consciousness alone is to be known and uncovered. Only in this consciousness is attained that wealth which is imperishable.

Excerpted with permission from Seeds of Wisdom published by Rebel. Courtesy: Osho International Foundation

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