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Elderly care: when crisis strikes

You need much more than calm to handle an emergency concerning your elderly family member: the knowledge of what to do and the support of all the members

Elderly Care: For a happy second innings

Ageing can be a positive experience if you know how to deal with it

Senior concerns

With ageing come ailments. Identify symptoms at an early stage to avoid emergencies
Elderly person with flowers

Sensory losses in elders

Though the ageing process is unique for every individual, most of us will experience a drop in the capabilities of our sensory organs when we get really old

Elder Care: Planning is key

To be an efficient caregiver to the elderly, one needs to do a lot of systematic preplanning

Easing communication with elders

As we age, our ability to communicate gets hindered by various afflictions. It is important to recognise and take active steps to ensure effective communication with seniors.

Gut Health Issues in the Elderly

Age-related problems of the gut are common in the elderly. There is no need to worry, if caregivers are watchful of early symptoms

Causes and Treatment of Incontinence in Elderly

Leaking of urine or faeces needs to be tackled with an open mind.