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Aanchal Agrawal
Aanchal Agrawal is a mother, a psychotherapist, and a special educator. She is a gold medallist in psychology from Benaras Hindu University. She is interested in removing taboos regarding mental illness and aims to spread awareness about child development.

Kleptomania: Sticky little fingers

What can you do when you discover that your kid can’t resist the urge to steal?

Sleepwalking: Midnight’s children

Are your child’s nightly strolls keeping you up? Aanchal Agarwal tells you how to handle your little sleepwalker with ease

Preserve your peace

Stress disturbs your natural equilibrium. Here's how to restore it

Are you missing “me”?

If you aren't getting any personal space, create it. We've got some ideas...

Papa don’t preach

The generation gap makes parenting a teenager challenging

A psychotherapist mom’s diary

Not all mothers have it same. Not because all children are different, but because for some, their choice of profession casts a shadow on their motherhood

No means no: Curing terminal niceness

Too nice for your own good? Learn to be firm and say no

Managing hypochondriasis

"Oh my god! I think it's cancer." Hypochondriacs jump to such conclusions at the slightest sign of irregularity in their body. The problem is, they truly believe it

Pause and effect: Dealing with menopause

Menopause is inevitable: accept it, prepare for it, and carry on happily

Back to square one

No matter what happens to you, you can restore your natural state of being calm and peaceful