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Lalitha Balasubramanian is a Mumbai-based freelance writer. Her areas of interest include health, travel, food, and environmental issues.

Elderly Care: For a happy second innings

Ageing can be a positive experience if you know how to deal with it

Sensory losses in elders

Though the ageing process is unique for every individual, most of us will experience a drop in the capabilities of our sensory organs when we get really old

Elder Care: Planning is key

To be an efficient caregiver to the elderly, one needs to do a lot of systematic preplanning

Encourage play, not TV

Don't let the television bug grab your children this vacation. Engage them in outdoor activities and hobbies to help them grow

PHYSIOTHERAPY: The Art of Caring

Physiotherapy enhances the quality of life by using clinical diagnosis and reasoning to deliver the apt treatment for an injury or condition

Easing communication with elders

As we age, our ability to communicate gets hindered by various afflictions. It is important to recognise and take active steps to ensure effective communication with seniors.

When Seniors want to Travel

Retired life is an ideal time to travel to places you always wanted to. Follow these precautions to have a happy and safe holiday

Blame it on posture

More and more people, from teenagers to the elderly, are complaining of neck pain. Why?

GARDENING: World’s Best-Kept Exercise Secret

Have you ever thought of your garden as nature's fabulous gym? Think now, if you haven't!