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Dr Padma Sanzgiri, PhD in Clinical Biochemistry, is an accomplished health writer with articles featured in a number of publications including Reader's Digest, Femina and the Times of India.

Autoimmune Diseases: A primer

We suffer from autoimmune diseases when our immune system attacks our own body cells believing it be foreign. Let's delve deeper...

Plagued by workplace worries?

Hate work? Perhaps, it’s just a matter of learning to tackle a few issues that have been bothering you.

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Air conditioners are your best buddies when the mercury is soaring. Know them better to keep them working in your favour

How to sleep

Insufficient sleep affects every aspect of our life. Read on to discover how you can enjoy a good night's sleep

Foods Allergies Explained

What's healthy for you can be fatal for someone else. Why? Find out

Tamarind: A Multipurpose Condiment

Its botanical name is Tamarindus indica, but what does it matter - for us it is the good old imli