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Peter Marchand has studied philosophy, communication sciences, and environmental engineering. He is a student of late Harish Johari, a famous tantric scholar, poet, artist and author. Peter has authored two books — The Yoga of the Nine Emotions and The Yoga of Truth. He lives in Belgium and occasionally teaches in Europe, India, US, and Canada.

Yoga of Nine Emotions – III

In the last part of the series, let's explore how to promote the agreeable rasas of love, joy, wonder, courage and calmness

Yoga of Nine Emotions – II

Understanding yogic ways to deal with disgust, fear and sadness

Rasa Sadhana: The Yoga of Nine Emotions – Part I

The ancient Indian yoga called Rasa Sadhana offers what we all seek: happiness. Through the practice of emotional fasting exercises, free unpleasant emotions and let agreeable feelings flourish