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Pallavi Bhattacharya

Pallavi Bhattacharya is a Mumbai-based freelance journalist. She relishes the freedom of expression. Her writing pursuits offer, including the facility to discover one’s inner-self and understand life.

Young at Heart

There's no elixir for everlasting youth. But, we can ward off the years by living a holistic and vibrant life

Nature Heals

How nature can help in healing our body, mind and spirit

Pet Therapy: Angels in Disguise

When you let an animal befriend you, it won't take long to discover the difference it will make in your life

Herb of Beauty is Joy Forever

Forever Herbs have it in them to groom you into an alluring Cinderella

Winter Destinations in India

Want to spend a snowy Christmas, ride the desert sands on a camel, enjoy a gala carnival, or meditate in the silence of the mountains, when New Year sets in? Think of winter with its fascinating range of locales