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Ashwini Ranade
Ashwini Ranade, who holds a master's degree in biochemistry, is a zealous writer, dabbling in a host of subject - including health and nutrition.

Obesity: how Asians are different

Experts discuss the issues Asians experience with weight loss

Eat more colour

Colourful plant foods are women's best friends

Put them into cold storage

Here's how to make the best use of your refrigerator and keep foods fresh for long

Challenge illness

Build a strong immune system so that you don't have to worry about falling sick, ever

Healing Through Ayurveda by Sonica Krishan

The book also has a self-identification questionnaire that will help you identify your body type.

Role of hormones in a woman’s life

The key to a woman's health, mood and behaviour lies in the hormones that govern her body

Kidney disorders: Silent trouble

Most kidney diseases are not accompanied by obvious symptoms. Here's how to understand the subtle signals

Soothing chamomile

For a sound, fitful sleep and an overall feeling of calm and peace, try some chamomile

World Kindness Day Special: Drop these unkind beliefs

Don't be the kind who underestimates kindness

Waterproof your make-up

A few make-up tips and tricks to look best your best this monsoon


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