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Michal Stawicki
Michal Stawicki transformed his life, became an author and is on a mission of helping others to improve their lives. His story was featured in The Slight Edge, a book written by American millionaire Jeff Olson. He writes on Quora.

Do you have these 5 essential people skills?

You may be an ace at what you do, but without people skills your career path is not going to gain much traction and people won't enjoy being around you

Four life lessons I learned by talking to strangers

The author expanded his horizons by overcoming his shyness and fear of talking to strangers

How to overcome shyness once and for all

Shyness is not just a harmless personality trait; it affects all aspects of life adversely. If you’re shy, you miss many opportunities to find happiness and success, all because you are unable to interact with people easily. Your awkwardness with others, especially those with who you are unfamiliar, costs you greatly. But you no longer need to suffer silently because there are ways to overcome your shyness and reclaim the joy and fulfilment you deserve