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Dr AV Ganesh Kumar MD, DNB [med], DM [cardiology], DNB [cardiology] FACC is Head, Dept of Cardiology at Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital.

Heart health: The news is not so heartening

According to AV Ganesh Kumar, a Mumbai-based cardiologist, you’re never too young to have a heart attack in India given our lifestyle, ethnicity and diet

World Heart Day Special: Heart disease explained

Heart disease is unsettlingly prevalent in the world today. However, most of us are in the dark about the nature of cardiovascular disease, its causes and treatment. On the occasion of World Heart Day, an interventional cardiologist sheds light on some of the common doubts and questions on heart disease

Preparing for a Bypass Surgery

This article provides some guidelines that could help you before undergoing a bypass surgery

PRIMARY ANGIOPLASTY: A Life-saving procedure

Primary Angioplasty [PAMI] is the angioplasty done as a life-saving emergency procedure in a patient with an on-going heart attack


Until the pandemic is declared to be over always:

  • Wear a proper face mask when stepping out
  • Maintain a distance of six feet
  • Wash your hands with soap and water frequently; Use a hand-sanitiser when outdoors

Follow the above protocol even if you are vaccinated.

If you have COVID-19 or suspect that you do, but have mild symptoms, including mild fever, tiredness, dry cough or sore throat, you should self-quarantine right away.