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Anuradha Ramachandran
Anuradha W Ramachandran is a graduate in English literature from Delhi University. A homemaker and fitness enthusiast, she uses the creative medium of writing to voice her feelings and thoughts.

Live life more!

Taking time off from the daily rut of life is enlightening and enriching

In the body of the world by Eve Ensler

On one hand this book deals with the body of cancer stricken Eve Ensler, while on the other it deals with the metaphorical body of this world, which is being eaten away by the malignant tumour of the cumulative greed of mankind.

Must-have friends

Make sure you have atleast one each of these 5 types
Pet with kid

Pals in parenting

Including a pet in your family can help your child learn about responsibilities, unconditional love and so much more

I was not a perfect mom, but I learned from my flaws

Confessions of a mother who has come full circle by learning from her mistakes

Living in a joint family

A place where people from different cultures live in harmony and where the official language is love…