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Meera Mittal is a Mumbai-based fashion designer and consultant.

Pregnancy: Carry it off in style

You can be a fashion siren even when you're expecting. It's just a matter of picking up clothes that make you look and feel good

Vibrant hues for monsoon blues

Wear soak-proof dresses in a riot of colours to beat the monsoon blues

Summer dressing: Cool and fun

Simply dress up right and beat the heat this summer

Wear your style

Women want look their best on all occasions. Hence it is important to choose the right accessories as these can make or break your look

What style accessories signify

Accessories men use such as sunglasses, wristwatch, shoes, belt and mobile phone could speak volumes about the person

Dress for a Date

Are you getting ready for that date, which could change your life forever? Take a look at these tips to look your best for that special day

Bridal fashion

Here are some tips for a bride on choosing a dress for each day of a North Indian marriage.

Festive Fashion

Look grand and royal this Diwali. Pick from deep violets, pomegranate reds, and emerald greens for embroideredjodhpuris and kurtas

Dressing for Your Size

Finding clothing that suits one's frame is certainly not impossible

Casual Comfort

Take time to build a casual wardrobe and you will always feel more put together and comfortable