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Women want look their best on all occasions. Hence it is important to choose the right accessories as these can make or break your look

Girl with sunglassesEver long for that chic runway look: the designer clothing, funky sunglasses, and perfectly coordinated bag, shoes and make-up? And then you sigh thinking, you could never afford the unearthly price tags?

Make the right choice

Well here it comes, secret revelation time. Smart women know that it’s the accessories that really make or break a look. A fabulous designer dress worn with the wrong accessories makes for a complete fashion non-starter. But contrary-wise, a simple dress accessorised just right can make a strong style statement.

And the serious fashionista knows that while a designer outfit has a short shelf-life, designer accessories have greater style longevity and surprise, surprise cost less than the earth! Well you may still have to part with a limb. The fact of the matter is that every streak of hair colour, piece of jewellery, bag and belt, tell a unique story. It’s all in the design. So that understood, let’s together go top to toe to understand what distinct messages your mode of accessorisation is giving out, and pick up a few tips on new ones on the way.

Hair colour and bands

Starting at the top, hair colour today is as much a statement making as say a pair of shoes, albeit more subtle. Your tresses not only frame your face, but also speak more of your personality that you might be able to frame in words. Hair colour options can be anything from feisty flaming reds to deep rich mochas to eye-catching streaks of blonde. While reds bring out the rebel in you, browns paint and air of elegance and classicism, and streaks of blonde just say, I’m experimentative, deal with it!

A retro flashback with a modern twist, headbands whether functional for day or crystal studded for night, add an elegant old world charm to an ensemble. The vintage air with a nod to cutting edge fashion comes together perfectly in the headband. Wear it with a shirt dress or out to party at night and make an adequate number of heads turn. A slick ponytail on the other hand in a non-fussy rubber band, spells pure pristine practicality.

Sunglasses and jewellery

Sunglasses are now a staple in every fashion conscious girl’s handbag, and they very rightly should be. Which other accessory gives one the triple deal of UV protection for the eyes, the ability to keep out the world from your personal space as well as make you look like a rock star!

Sunglasses range from everything retro and oversized, to the classic aviator style with graduated tints, tortoise-shell rimmed or trimmed with gold and crystals. When chosen with care, they can be nothing short of statement making. In that regard, oversized does not mean ill-fitted and buying shades should be done with patience, giving oneself enough time muse over the options at hand.

Retro bejewelled shades are for the dedicated fashion followers while aviators make for very individualistic adventurous style. The colours you chose as tints too tell whether you picture yourself on a yacht cruising in the Mediterranean or whether an African safari is more to your thrill. So pick wisely and say it right!

Big, bold and sparkly or subtle and classic, jewellery can be very personal to a woman. Some prefer the graceful fire of diamond solitaires, while others can’t get enough of crystal. Metal rings and hoops or crystal notes… Hoops, drops, studs or chandeliers, earrings are always telling tales. Be they big, oversized and flashy, or subtle and classic pieces, a piece of jewellery is a tattle-tale accessory. Chandelier earrings for example give that bohemian romanticism to a persona, while drops look feminine without being loud. Solitaires tell of a no-nonsense business woman or someone with a penchant for classic style.

While some love to highlight their ears and fingers, others can’t do without a neckpiece or pendant and something on the wrist. Choose a look according to the physical features you want to draw attention to as well as the style of garment you’re wearing. Just never wear more than 3-4 pieces of jewellery together, unless you’re getting ready to walk down the aisle! And never wear more than one eye-catching piece. You don’t want to look overdone and confuse the on-looker’s eye, all at once.

Mobiles, belts and bags

Girl with hat and bagA slim and slick sleek slider phone, a clam shell phone or a large camera and music phone, or any other, your cell phone tells a lot about you. Not only does it reveal your taste and style but also where your priorities lie. Whether music is closer to your heart or capturing moments makes you tick or whether you’re the no-nonsense business woman shooting email on the go to subordinates and clients alike. Forgo fashion when it comes to the cell phone and choose one that truly reflects your needs, and it will effectively be a picture of you as well.

Belts are fashion’s latest obsession. While skinny and slick is the latest trend big and stylish buckles and tie-up ones are in as well. Just as other accessories, colour, texture and finish distinguish your style. A belt should always match your shoes and handbag or at least be in the same colour family. The natural waist is where belts are now sported and look best on shirt dresses and flowing tunics.

Bags come in more avatars than clothes now-a-days. Be it quilted, metallic, snake and croc skins, whether a tote, shoulder bag or a clutch purse, handbags are a surefire way to make a bold statement. While the multi-pocket likes of laptop bags and totes and satchels make a woman’s day life more organised, clutches are purely for fashionable nights out. Wear snake skin [faux or for real] if you want to be in with the trend now. Or get your hands on crocodile skin prints if you really want to make it like the swish set. Metallics are now being reinvented all the time, and make for a trendy look in quilted and monogrammed styles. Embellished bags are also a hot trend with metal studs, gems and jewels adding up to mucho style.

Peep toe pumps or closed ones, with or without ankle straps, ballet flats and wedges or closed toe flats. shoes are the last of the weapons in your style arsenal. Whether worked over in raffia or crystals or built atop cork wedges shoes should be ideally coordinated with your handbag and belt and more importantly should always be comfortable.

So as I was saying. go get yourself a good dose of retail therapy with a clutch of the right accessories to spruce up your existing wardrobe and you can send me the thank you card later.

Meera Mittal is a Mumbai-based fashion designer and consultant.


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