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Karen Sivan
Karen Sivan is a aromatherapist trained from the Tisserand Institute in London. For five years she lived at a Zen Centre; Bodhi Zendo near Kodaikanal where she compiled and edited The Tale of Self ,173 Zen stories. She now runs a meditation centre in Kerala.

Laughter Yoga: No laughing matter

Don’t take laughter lightly; it has the power to reduce stress, encourage joy and strengthen the mind, says Karen Sivan

Let the journey begin

We can keep our lives static or we can always be open to explore. What do you choose?

The 10 bulls of Zen

A collection of zen paintings that depict the journey of a man towards self-realisation

Zen wisdom: How to practise mindfulness during a busy day at work

Here are some tips on how to practise mindfulness when you probably need it the most, such as on a hectic work day