Zen wisdom: How to practise mindfulness during a busy day at work

Here are some tips on how to practise mindfulness when you probably need it the most, such as on a hectic work day

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All too often what we have is a full mind, rather than mindfulness. A mind full of lists of daily tasks to be completed, worries and anxieties, wish lists and dreams. We spin around in our own worlds, driven by these demands and desires, perhaps feeling somewhat lost, disconnected and overwhelmed. Multitasking is perceived as talent; we feel we’re so clever to be able to do three or four jobs at the same time. At the home we rush through the daily chores so as to not be late for work, and at work, we rush though our work load so that we can leave for home on time.

Perhaps you have a practice that helps you bring some sense and balance to your life—such as yoga, meditation, chanting. But this is confined to a specific time. Once you step out of the yoga class or conclude your meditation for the day, the marathon of your thoughts begins again. Indeed, one cannot be meditating or practising yoga asanas all day. However, the home and workplace itself provides us with ample opportunities to be ‘mindful.’

For many of us, daily chores become an opportunity to think about other things while doing them. We’re so accustomed to doing these activities that we no longer need to be aware while doing them. So the key is to bring mindfulness to the most basic things that you do.

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A version of this article was first published in the February 2013 issue of Complete Wellbeing

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