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Sharmila Bhosale is a Mumbai-based health writer and her interests include parenting, relationships. lifestyle, spirituality, corporate culture, people and trends

Nainital: Heavenly visions

Like a dream, Nainital works on several levels of your consciousness, constantly confusing the real with the make-believe

How to Deal With a Moocher or a Freeloader

A freeloader is not a friend indeed. Here's a guide on how to spot and stop a moocher in your life

Dubai: Desert dreams

Dubai has risen magnificently from the desert sands to become one of the most alluring places on earth, complete with man-made islands, theme parks and the best places to shop in the world

Midlife myths

Midlife crisis has mistakenly been used to encompass everything from character flaws to psychological afflictions to social dilemmas

Andaman Islands: Tourist-friendly and postcard-perfect locales

Virgin beaches, lazy hammocks, unforgettable vistas...nothing can prepare you for the unadulterated beauty of the Andaman Islands

The gift of health

Choose from these 18 gifts to show your loved ones how much you care for their wellbeing

On holiday 365 days a year

Irrespective of the season, Goa never fails to touch your soul

Surrender to Sikkim

The beauty of this little state -Sikkim- has the power to turn an atheist into a believer

A matter of personal space

It's not just about the physical touch. There is an array of psychological factors that define the boundaries of our comfort level

Miracles of alternative therapies

Unravel the healing power of music, aroma, dreams and art, and find which one works best for you