The gift of health

Choose from these 18 gifts to show your loved ones how much you care for their wellbeing

It’s that time of the year when we give and receive gifts. There are thousands of gifts you can choose from, but the gift of health is the best of all. Here are some healthy gifting ideas that will improve the life of the receiver in some way.


  1. Go organic. Pack a lovely cane or bamboo basket and fill it with goodies such as organic honey, wheat, rice and even cookies. Make it a basket of health.
  2. Put together a collection of some all-time favourite funny movies [Liar Liar, Police Academy or a few regional flicks] and reads [Erma Bombeck, PG Wodehouse and Woody Allen]. Better, watch the movies together with the one you’ve gifted them to and share a good laugh. Laughter is the best medicine and gift.

  3. Gift an annual membership at a nearby gym. They will simply love you for this. This gift is especially good for that friend who’s been meaning to join the gym but hasn’t made the move yet.
  4. Scout the market for a trendy gym kit with a bag, a sipper, a towel and a napkin for the workout enthusiast. Make sure the bag is of the colour the person loves.
  5. For that friend or family member who’s not the gym kind, a yoga mat, yoga CD and book for beginners complete with illustrations will work well. For added benefits, include a CD or a book on meditation.
  6. For the one who is too lazy to make it to the gym and isn’t the kind who can exercise on her own, hire a personal trainer/yoga instructor for six months or a year.
  7. Gift the best pair of walking shoes you can find for those who love the outdoors and prefer walking as a form of exercise.
  8. Help a loved one unwind by gifting her a holiday to an ayurveda spa or wellness centre. Out of budget? A relaxing treatment package at a spa closer home will do.
  9. Encourage healthy snacking by gifting a hamper of fresh fruits or juices. Include some dry fruits for good measure. Or you could put together a pack of health supplements.
  10. For those who are in love with their bodies and for those who totally ignore theirs, gift a voucher for beauty and body treatments. Massage, clean skin, healthy hair—it’s a look-good, feel-good gift.
  11. Make a first-aid kit complete with cotton, bandages, antiseptic, anti-burning lotion, tablets and first aid instructions. Attach a note that says: “I hate to see you getting hurt, ever” or “I want you to be safe always”.
  12. For the elderly family/friends, give a hamper containing a BP monitor, weighing scale, digital thermometer and BMI calculator.
  13. Pay for a full body medical check-up at a reputed hospital or pathology lab. Depending on your budget, you can include a range of tests like CBC, thyroid, gynaecological testing, stress test, pulmonary test and chest X-ray in it.
  14. Gift a year’s subscription of a health and wellness magazine.
  15. Present plants like neem, basil [outdoor plants] or golden pothos. Gift them in attractive potters with a colourful ribbon tied to them. For those who don’t have a garden or balcony, gift home plants that reduce pollution and radiation, like aloe vera [absorbs harmful gases in the air], adiantum [absorbs radiation from the computer and printer], cacti [reduces radiation], clivia [keeps air fresh in winter], ivy [absorbs formaldehyde and benzene and kills germs] or a rubber tree [eliminates harmful substances in the air].
  16. For friends who are calorie-conscious, pay for their year’s tiffin of low-calorie, diet food.
  17. Pamper your friend with a basket of aroma therapy essential oils and handmade soaps.
  18. Beat all gifts by giving a warm hug, a big smile, heartfelt wishes, a good long conversation and your time. In fact, this gift should accompany any other that you choose to give. It never goes out of style, is always healthy and is priceless!
Sharmila Bhosale
Sharmila Bhosale is a Mumbai-based health writer and her interests include parenting, relationships. lifestyle, spirituality, corporate culture, people and trends


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