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Charmaine Dsouza
Charmaine Dsouza is a consultant nutritionist with more than 20 years of experience in assisting people to improve their health through better nutrition and natural care. She is the author of Kitchen Clinic, published by Random House.

Root to Stem Cooking: How to Best Utilize Food Scraps

Using food scraps means using every part of an ingredient. By doing so you're adding more nutrition and flavour to your meals and reducing the burden on our environment.

Learn how to make therapeutic water to heal yourself

Adding the right herbs, fruits or spices to your water and drinking it regularly can be the easiest and safest way to treat many health conditions

Pluck and cook

Now, shopping for your veggies can be just a stroll around your house

Naturopathy for kids

Your kitchen has many things that also double up as safe and effective cures for common ailments of your child