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Ketki Ketkar
Ketki Ketkar is a qualified counsellor dealing with geriatric, children's, parenting, and career issues. She lives in Mumbai.

Some good family habits

Here are a few good family habits that promote wellbeing

Beyond blood relations

It's good to have a family outside family to depend upon and share special moments. But drawing the line is important to avoid the relations from getting too close for comfort

Baby bother?

How your child accepts the arrival of a sibling in the family depends on how well you prepare her for it

Indoor family time ideas

When stuck indoors because of the rains, your family's mood doesn't have to reflect the damp mood outside

For men: Laws of dealing with in-laws

Here's a guide for men to build a healthy and happy relationship with in-laws

Friends forever!

Friendship has no boundaries and friends know no limits. They love you unconditionally for what you are and are always with you in difficult times

Dads are the new moms!

Today's fathers change nappies, feed the children, help in the homework and do everything they weren't 'supposed' to do

Tackling teens-1[For Parents]

Teenage years are a roller coaster ride for both, the parents and daughters. If both manage to handle it well, it could cement a deep loving bond for life