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Kalpana Rangan
Kalpana Rangan is a Mumbai-based writer.

Muscat: An oasis of beauty

Muscat is a delightfully beautiful city endowed with many natural and man-made wonders

A royal retreat

Morocco has architecture, beaches, great food, and rich culture...and an old-world charm that touches your heart

Mauritius: the silver, the blue and you

Crystal blue waters and silver sands that soothe the senses and the soul… that’s Mauritius

Know yourself

Look into yourself to find your true soul

Kenya: Experience wild life

Watch the giraffes pluck leaves, rhinos take a mud bath, elephants play, the lions feast on a deer, and a cheetah chase its prey… all this and more, live in Nairobi and Masai Mara, Kenya

Abu Dhabi: Space city

Desert sand, sea and lots of space make Abu Dhabi naturally beautiful

God’s own hill station

Description, no matter how vivid, can't prepare you for the breathtaking beauty of Munnar

Transient life

Hotels, cars, planes and trains are also your living spaces. Here's how to make the most of them

Shravanbelagola: Trek and heal

Shravanbelagola gives you ample opportunity to soothe your soul as you climb the steep mountains drinking in the scenic beauty

Uncle Pai: I do not lose my temper easily

Lovingly called Uncle Pai, Anant Pai is the editor of Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle -- two comics all young Indians grew up reading and loving. The mesmerising story teller tells us what keeps him energetic and healthy even after 80 years of life