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Kalpana Rangan
Kalpana Rangan is a Mumbai-based writer.

Tips to enjoy your travel

Follow these tips to avoid turning your vacation into a big disappointment

Sharjah – The cultural city of the Arab world

Sharjah may not be as popular as Dubai, but its charm, greenery and cultural abundance make it a hot tourist destination

Dubai Darshan

Famous for its shopping festival, this emirate is the ideal destination for those who have just a few days to spare for a break

The Tanzanian Trail

An African experience without Tanzania is never complete. Blessed with wildlife and other natural marvels, this country can refresh and mesmerise you

An Egyptian holiday

Travel to the land of pharaohs, pyramids and the Nile, where the modern blends with the ancient

African Safari

A land of immense diversity, gold, sports, Nelson Mandela, and where tradition blends with modernity, South Africa is a tourist paradise like no other