Tips to enjoy your travel

Follow these tips to avoid turning your vacation into a big disappointment

woman on vacationTravelling is the best way to relax, feel fit and find new places. But travel can only be fun if you are able to relax and keep fit during your schedule. Further, for your trip to be really exciting and relaxing, you need to be able to make the most of your trip. Here are some tips to help you.

Relax and stay fit: Vacations are meant to relax you from the stress of daily life. Make sure that you plan your tour accordingly. Package tours often involve long hours on the road sitting in a bus. This can cause stiffness in the joints. It becomes particularly troublesome, if you have to travel like this morning till evening for a better part of a fortnight. To keep your joints healthy, go for an early morning walk before breakfast.

The morning walk will refresh you, tackle lethargy and stimulate appetite. The walks are also a good way to discover your new surroundings; you might walk into a beautiful park near your hotel or spot a monument you may otherwise not notice. Spending time in nature is the best way to rejuvenate and relax

Eat right: When we’re travelling, we often have to hurry our meals as we have too much ground to cover in less time—often many sights in a day. Besides, we are forced to eat a lot of outside food. This can cause several stomach problems like indigestion and gas trouble. So, take care to eat right. Since you will be sightseeing the whole day, eat just enough to satisfy your hunger.

Overeating will make your stomach feel heavy, which in turn will make you lethargic. It will also cause uneasiness. So eating a balanced meal with more vegetables and less fatty foods is ideal. Drinking plenty of water or fresh juices is a good way of keeping fit and fresh. If possible, have an early supper to help you sleep well.

Explore on your own: Choose tours that give you some time in the evening to explore the city on your own. Package tours usually have sightseeing from morning till early evening. With limited time available to explore each city, it is not possible for them to cover all the beautiful landmarks. Hence, they cover only spots that are well-known, easy to reach on a bus and fit into their schedule.

In such a scenario, the best way to find unique spots is to reach the places through public transport and walk. In the evening at your leisure, you can visit those spots that are not covered in your tour. After consulting your guide and through a map of the city, it will not be difficult to reach the sights on your own.

Walk through the place: Every city, whether it is in India or abroad, has its characteristic stamp. The best way to understand its uniqueness is to walk its streets. This way not only will you be able to explore its surprise spots but also keep yourself fit. You can take guided walking tours to explore the by-lanes, bazaars, buildings and bustling life of the city [see box on famous cities and streets you can explore on foot].

The beauty of a city unfurls only when you walk past its buildings, shores or bazaars. Sometimes you will find a ruin, a sculpture, a memorial garden or a flee market that will surprise you on your walk. And the more you walk the fitter you would be to proceed on your sightseeing with enthusiasm.

So, don’t ever miss out on the opportunity to walk around in your next trip inland or abroad. Sure way to good health is walking well and exploring wonders!

Places you ‘must’ explore on foot

You can never experience the charms of a city sitting in a vehicle. You get a glimpse of the place and its people only by walking through its heart.


man joggingMarine Drive in Mumbai, M G road in Bangalore, Marina beachfront in Chennai or Tank Bund in Hyderabad are places you ‘have’ to see on foot. If you’re in Delhi, walk along the Rajpath especially from India Gate towards Rashtrapati Bhavan, to have a beautiful view of the Secretariat and the stately residence of the President of India, the lush green gardens, the cool fountains, the street vendors and the people pursuing their various activities. Tread the lanes of Chandni Chowk to inhale the essence of old Delhi.


man joggingParis: If you are in Paris and around Arch d’ triumph, take a walk on Champs Elysees to view the Parisian scene with its Cafe culture, designer shops, floral paths, fountains and monuments. You can also take a train to Arch d’ Triumph and walk on the beautiful street.

Dubai: Have your senses tickled by walking from the spice market to the Gold souk. Walking all along the beach off Qaitbay, Alexandria, Egypt, viewing the sea, the fort and the myriad activities of people is fun.

Rome: Rome is a city of fountains. And the best way to view some of the beautiful fountains is to take a bus to a central point and from there walk to the fountains. The Trevi fountain, one of the most artistic fountains in the world, can be reached only through a long narrow street.

London: Here you can walk the whole evening along the Thames observing the Clock tower, the London eye, the heritage buildings and the traffic on the bridge.

These are but a few examples; every city has its main attractions. Ask your hotel about them and take off.


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