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Ratan Singh is a certified behaviour therapist from late Prof. J. Wolpe's Unit, Temple Univ Med School, USA. His interests include Quantum Physics and its integration with spiritualism. He was the religious advisor for Chinese Buddhist students of the University of Science Medical School in Pinang, Malaysia.

Why You Should Clear Your Sleep Debt Right Away

Midnight conference calls, unavoidable deadlines, late-night parties—just gulp some coffee or an energy drink and we’re good to go. But in our hurry to do everything, we lose out on something valuable

Maximise your body clock

Did you know that your body clock can be manipulated to your benefit?

Reverse education

No matter how old you are, learning new skills can reverse age-related deterioration of brain functions

Where is the problem?

Looking for problems all the time is self-destructive. Try these tips to get rid of the habit

Struggling to relax?

We need a concrete and objective measure of our relaxation, which will tell us how relaxed we really are

Buddha’s last lesson

Meditation is the actor and action becoming one