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Sheela Preuitt
Sheela Preuitt juggles the hats of writer, cuisinière, applications developer, childhood literacy advocate, and crazy-craftswoman. She shares her culinary expeditions at her blog.
Millet Chickpea Eggless Croquettes

Millet Chickpea Egg-free Croquettes

This egg-free croquettes recipe uses antioxidant rich purple cabbage, beta carotene rich carrots, and mustard greens
Quinoa Upma

Quinoa Upma: Protein+fibre rich breakfast

The traditional upma can also be made using the highly nutritious quinoa, which is as easy to cook as regular rice
Beet Zucchini Flax Banana Bread

Banana bread with flaxseed and beetroot

This banana bread recipe turns out soft and is nutritious due to the beet and flax meal.

How the story-telling ritual helps your child’s development

Story-telling has been a part of human culture for thousands of years. However, due to the exposure to technology, many families are losing this valuable tradition. Find out why storytelling is important and how you can revive it in your family

How to make your children know that they are loved

Knowing that they are loved unconditionally is vital for the emotional wellbeing of your children
Eggplant roll ups

These feta stuffed eggplant rolls are simply mmm…

There are so many ways to enjoy the incomparable eggplant, each with its own special merits. Here’s an uncommon way
Mint almond flax encrusted pan-fried brinjal slices

This crispy pan-fried brinjal makes the perfect side-dish

This recipe is an interesting twist to the traditional breaded-brinjal one. Plus, the almonds and flax seeds makes it rich in healthy fats.

9 things new moms should consider before returning to work

Sheela Preuitt offers some practical tips to those new mothers who are contemplating returning to their work life after the baby break

Presence: Bringing your Boldest Self to your Biggest Challenges By Amy Cuddy

In Presence, Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy expands on her popular TED talk about adopting confident body postures, or “power poses”, to bring your best self to social and professional situations. The author points out that presence is not a continual state of being but a moment-to-moment experience which we can tweak through body language, behaviour and mind-set.

The triumph of vulnerability: Rising Strong By Dr Brené Brown

The book’s cover states, “The physics of vulnerability is simple: if we are brave enough, often enough, we will fall. Being brave and falling helps us grow and changes us for the better.” Dr Brown proposes that for every emotion we feel, there is a definite response elicited in us.