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Raul Dias is a luxury, fashion, international lifestyle, food and travel writer since over a decade. He is a food consultant for many restaurants and hotels. He also conducts travel writing workshops.

Confessions of a travel writer

Long immigration queues, noisy passengers, strange food... How does a travel-writer survive it all?

Taruveda Spa: The tree that rejuvenates

With an extensive menu of organic treatments, the Taruveda Spa is the place to commune with nature, as you get healed from within


With fossil-hunting hikes, dolphin dives and other off-the-beaten-track activities, Oman breaks every stereotype you might have had of the Middle East

Pachmarhi: Where time stands still

Nestled amidst craggy mountains, gurgling waterfalls and magnificent rock temples and caves, the former British army settlement of Pachmarhi is a gentle blast from the past

Desert decadence

Luxuriously perched over the rolling sand dunes of Jaisalmer, the Rait Spa at Suryagarh offers a cornucopia of exotic and relaxing therapies to pamper all your senses

Laos: The hidden jewel

Idyllic and charming, Vientiane—Laos’s capital is one of South East Asia’s best kept secrets that has a lot to offer the intrepid traveler, from its quaint Franco-Laotian architecture and culture to its delectable cuisine

Cheap ‘n chic destinations

Who doesn’t want to go on an affordable fun-filled holiday? We bring you five exotic destinations around the world that won’t break the bank

Oma Spa – rejuvenating coffee has a new meaning

Nestled in the heart of Karnataka’s lush Bandipur National Park, the Oma Spa is a tranquil oasis, where you are introduced to the healing properties of coffee

Organic Abu Dhabi

Under its seemingly ‘artificial’ veneer lurks an organic food movement that is gaining momentum, as a force to reckon with

Travel mistakes

Take the stress out of your next vacation by avoiding these travel mistakes that even the most seasoned travellers are guilty of making


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