Taruveda Spa: The tree that rejuvenates

With an extensive menu of organic treatments, the Taruveda Spa is the place to commune with nature, as you get healed from within

You’d be forgiven for conjuring up mental montages of clichéd pink-hued palaces, majestic forts and rolling sand dunes when you think of the Pink City of Jaipur. I know that, because I fell prey to those very same set of tropes, having till then been only introduced to that side of this stunning city. But the minute I set my sights on the ‘other’ Jaipur, as I saw lush trees and a cascading 40ft waterfall, took in the arresting aroma of frangipani and heard the incessant chirping of birds, I made sure to never again judge a book by its cover. Ever.

This alternative, back-to-nature Jaipur that I’m trying to wax lyrical about is what I recently encountered at the Taruveda Spa that finds itself at the secluded end of the integrated resort complex of The Tree House Resort and The Water House Resort. Situated in the lap of the scenic Syari Valley with the hills of the mighty Aravali Mountains surrounding it, the Taruveda Spa truly lives up to the moniker of an oasis where rest, relaxation and rejuvenation form a formidable trifecta you cannot, and more importantly, must not avoid…

Named after the mythical taruveda tree from which all ayurvedic healing and knowledge springs forth, the Taruveda Spa may be diminutive in size with just two treatment rooms. But what it has on offer in terms of treatments is mind-boggling and diverse. Trawling through the spa menu, I chose a set of treatments that my therapist Narendra assured me was just what my stressed-out and constantly jet-lagged body needed.

So, after a hot shower—so that my pores would open up and be more receptive to the various unguents that would be applied onto it—I started off with the 75-minute Signature Taruveda Massage [INR 3,000]. Based on codified, centuries-old ayurvedic practices, this massage uses a mixture of traditional organic herbal oils made by herbal company Omved that are slowly released into the body via long, pressurised strokes that the therapist employs. All this aided by the live birdsong from outside that was proving to be the best ever spa soundtrack!

Next on the cards was a 60-minute long Organic Facial [INR 2,200] that laid claim to instantly transforming my dry, dull skin tone to a supple and radiant one as it worked on the lymphatic system, while detoxifying the facial skin. Ever ready to see some magic, I let a jet of steam assault my face, which was then worked on with an organic cleanser, a toner, a scrub, a mask application and finally finished off with a soothing honey moisturiser. Seeing the fabulous results, it was then and there that I decided to keep indulging the metrosexual man in me whenever I get the chance.

Finishing off my afternoon of ‘male-beautification’ with a Taruveda Foot Essentials [INR 900] pedicure for 45-minutes, was what agenda number three at the spa was all about. After a soothing anti-bacterial foot soak and scrub down, my criminally neglected and calloused soles, cracked heels and ingrown toe nails were finally bestowed the intensive therapy they so very much needed. A vigorous [and rather painful!] exfoliation and medicated moisturising wrap ended the foot pampering, and with it my three-part Taruveda Spa session that I hoped would never end.

But then it had to end. How else would I have time for a tryst with Jaipur’s clichés then?

Taruveda Spa at The Tree House Resort, Jaipur Contact: www.treehouseresort.in

Why go for organic skincare products?

  • Au natural: Instead of harsh cosmetics, plant and flower extracts are used in organic skincare products. They also contain natural nutrients like vitamin E that keeps skin healthy and glowing.
  • Compatible: Organic skincare products are unisex and are perfect for all skin types including the sensitive, prone to break-out kind of skin.
  • Safe to use: Since they are made of natural ingredients and most often are hypo-allergenic, you don’t have to worry about having an allergic reaction to them.

This was first published in the January 2014 issue of Complete Wellbeing.

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