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Sakshi Nanda
Sakshi Nanda has studied Literature and worked with two publishing houses. She writes in the hope of finding that pot of gold at the beginning of the rainbow.

Four senior citizens share life lessons that life has taught them

Perceptions of life are changed as senior citizens give us a glimpse of their lives and the lessons they’ve have learnt

There’s something about Kalimpong

Sakshi Nanda takes you to explore an unusual hill station overlooking the Teesta River in West Bengal

When your kids opt for off-beat careers

What do parents do when their children decide to walk the road less travelled? Three parents share their experience

Helsinki, Stockholm and a baby belly

Sometimes you have to leave home to find warmth and safety, as this lady with a baby belly discovered

Vacation time: Doing nothing in Bhimtal

Sometimes all it takes to get away and experience true relaxation is to delve right into nature, away from edifices of the noisy, polluted and materialistic cities

Gender bender: Unladylike By Radhika Vaz

Radhika Vaz dedicates her memoir Unladylike to “All the unladies out there who refuse to be bound by the rules of femininity.” It is about her journey of not just growing up but also growing towards freedom of self. A must-read for the ladies, gents and ‘unladies’!

When the Boss is Wrong By Sibichen K Mathew

This book provides insights on how to analyse yourself to become a boss who is respected

Into the mind of a leader: The Secret Red Book of Leadership by Awdhesh Singh

The Secret Red Book of Leadership is a thought-provoking deconstruction of the ‘art’ of leadership and the personality of a leader

Meet Mr Brilliance: Innovation the Einstein Way by Virender Kapoor

Virender Kapoor makes the great theoretical physicist Albert Einstein come alive in his new book.

Confessions of a (Former) Perfectionist Wife

Sakshi Nanda recounts how she shed the excess baggage of perfectionism from her life