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Man doing crunch with the trainer / strengthening your abs

Diet and exercises to strengthen your abs

A fitness guru offers plain and simple advice on tightening your tummy

Extend yourself

Improve your range of motion with simple body movements

Kalarippayattu: Flying fit

Many people are trying their hands at Kalarippayattu, the ancient martial art style from Kerala

Choose an exercise routine that suits you

If exercising bores you, chances are you are doing the wrong kind. Take up an activity you enjoy and you’ll never dislike working out again
Man exercising

Flexibility post 40

It's not such a far-stretched idea

Get set…walk, run

A cardio workout is one of the best ways to get and stay fit. Here’s why...

7 ways around mental blocks

Overcome the obstacles in your mind that keep you away from having the body of your dreams

Bounce back to fitness

If age and inactivity seem to have affected your fitness, tackle these five enemies of fitness and return to prime fitness

Exercises to boost energy

Don't just train to get trim, train to stay energetic. Tweak your workout to include methods that double your vigour

Belly dancing helps connect with your feminine energy

Belly dancing diva Essa Duhaime talks about why every woman must try this dance form at least once