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Where’s the time to run?

For those who aspire to train for marathons, there’s always that ‘issue’ with time—the lack of it, to be precise. Whether it’s because of work, family, or other commitments, finding time can often be like finding a needle in a haystack. If you’re in this predicament, I’ve offered some tips that you can use to train when you feel that finding time is your problem

Getting a routine that works

Don't let your inner parent and child sabotage your exercise routine

The correct way to warm up before a workout

Do you feel that warm-ups impede your workout? Or are they an integral part? Facts about warm-up exercises you need to know

Cardio confusion

Morning or evening? On an empty stomach or not? Weights before or after? Akshay Chopra answers the big questions surrounding cardio exercise
5 exercises for a strong core | Briefcase squat

5 exercises for a strong core

Challenge your idea of what is core training and learn the five most powerful exercises for a strong core

No better way to waste your time than hours on the treadmill

Cardio is not the way to shedding kilos, weight training is; besides, too much cardio is counter-productive

Revamp your workout with kettlebells and TRX

Getting bored of the same old exercise routine? Try kettlebells and TRX
Man tired after running | Exercise misconceptions

The top 10 workout misconceptions

Abhishek Sharma clears many of the workout misconceptions that are prevalent among fitness enthusiasts

Proper posture

Assuming the correct stance can give you an instant makeover

Ace your marathon run

Here are some basics of marathon running that will apply to you—whether you’re a first timer or a veteran