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7 exercise habits that will boost your energy

Find activities you enjoy and that fit in with your lifestyle

Why you should consider cycling to work

It’s fun, it’s eco-friendly and it helps lose weight and stay fit; cycling to work is one of the smartest ways to commute
Man doing exercise in gym

Five Golden Rules of Workout for Optimum Results

The next time you are working out, keep these five golden rules in mind to ensure optimum results and reduce risk of injury

These tips on walking can hugely impact your posture and balance

Discover a way to walk that improves more than just your physical health
3d illustration of man on wheelchair with dumbbells

Vital exercises for those with limited mobility

Don’t let limited mobility become an excuse for not exercising. It could, in fact, help you to get back in action
Man and woman with dumbbells in gym

Are you a gym enthusiast? You should know about these workout injuries

Common sense can prevent most workout injuries, says an orthopaedist and sports medicine surgeon

Where’s the time to run?

For those who aspire to train for marathons, there’s always that ‘issue’ with time—the lack of it, to be precise. Whether it’s because of work, family, or other commitments, finding time can often be like finding a needle in a haystack. If you’re in this predicament, I’ve offered some tips that you can use to train when you feel that finding time is your problem

Getting a routine that works

Don't let your inner parent and child sabotage your exercise routine

The correct way to warm up before a workout

Do you feel that warm-ups impede your workout? Or are they an integral part? Facts about warm-up exercises you need to know
5 exercises for a strong core | Briefcase squat

5 exercises for a strong core

Challenge your idea of what is core training and learn the five most powerful exercises for a strong core