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Highway to Fat Loss

Aerobic exercises and weight training can help you shed fat effectively.

GARDENING: World’s Best-Kept Exercise Secret

Have you ever thought of your garden as nature's fabulous gym? Think now, if you haven't!
Woman riding on cycle

Cycle Your Way to Fitness

Riding a bike for fun, sport, or transport, is a healthy way to fitness

Weight Training for Women

Tired of fad diet, fanatic calorie count, or unable to lose weight? Not to worry. Here's help

Exercises for Hips and Thighs

You are working-out earnestly at the gym, and want good results for your lower body. Here goes...

Build Strong Abs

It pays to tone your midsection for muscle strength and healthy vitality

Squat Your Way to Fitness

Squats are the best way to shape, sculpt, and strengthen your thighs and the butt

Get, Set, Walk!

There is no better, or safer, exercise, than walking for fun and walking for good health
Woman exercising

Stretch yourself: Benefits of stretching during exercising

No matter what form of exercise appeals to you - walking, jogging, weight training, or dancing - stretching ought to be a "must-do" part of your daily routine

Exercise RIGHT

Exercise is fun and essential. It also works best in moderation, and when correctly done